About Forensic/Investigative

Pioneering Truth in Every Investigation

(Forensic/Investigative) is more than just a name in the world of forensics and investigations. Established with a vision to be the trusted partner in unveiling mysteries, Forensic/Investigative has consistently set the benchmark for excellence and integrity in our domain.

From our early days, we’ve held a commitment to unraveling the most intricate of challenges, merging traditional methods with cutting-edge digital expertise. Our story is not just about our growth, but about the countless clients we’ve assisted, shedding light on the unclear and providing clarity where it matters most.

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Our Guiding Light

Vision and Mission

Our vision paints a future where Forensic/Investigative stands as a global beacon in forensic and investigative services. It’s a world where our insights empower decisions, and where the truth is never out of reach.

Our mission is straightforward yet profound: To provide a seamless blend of old-world forensic wisdom with modern digital finesse, ensuring that every inquiry, every challenge, is met with unmatched precision and dedication.

Values That Steer Our Cause



Our foundation. Every action we take, every insight we share, is rooted in authenticity.



Years of dedication have forged our reputation. The trust placed in our findings stands testament to our unwavering commitment.



We follow the path of truth, undistracted by biases. Our results are clear, precise, and undiluted.

Our Esteemed Team

At Forensic/Investigative, the core of our success is rooted in the dedicated, passionate, and accomplished individuals who bring their expertise to the forefront, ensuring that every task we undertake is executed with precision, integrity, and excellence.

Dr. Mohammed Alzahrani

Personal Bio

With over 17 years in financial services, Mohammed has cultivated unparalleled expertise in business management, risk management, and leadership across diverse sectors. Since 2018, he’s thrived as an independent consultant in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation, contributing testimony in 152 Saudi court cases involving financial crimes, fraud, and money laundering.

Outside the courtroom, he passionately aids organizations in internal investigations and champions for whistleblowers. An Adjunct Professor at two premier universities, Mohammed’s knowledge also resonates through academic articles and seminars on risk management, fraud, and forensic accounting. His academic accolades include a PhD and MBA from the University of South Florida.

Forensic/Investigative’s Spectrum of Expertise

Navigating complex corporate terrains, exploring the vast digital landscapes, or piecing together scattered clues, our capabilities span wide. Our signature Fraud Life Cycle Approach is not just a methodology; it’s our promise to turn challenges into actionable insights.

Your Partner in Discovery

With Forensic/Investigative by your side, every challenge becomes an expedition, every question a quest for truth. We invite you to be a part of our legacy, to experience the depth of our expertise, and to understand why we remain unrivalled in our field.

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